No Honor Among Thieves: Daring Heists and Sudden Betrayal

Created by Carpe Omnis Games

No Honor Among Thieves: Daring Heists and Sudden Betrayal
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Learn About Our Project:

The game is now fully funded, with a crazy amount of stretch goals unlocked. Thank you so much to everyone who pledged, to everyone who commented, and to everyone who messaged me over the course of the campaign. It could not have been done without you.

For more on No Honor Among Thieves, including information for ordering the retail version of the game, visit my website at

 Now that the project has funded, I've moved the stretch goals to the top of the page, so that backers can more easily keep track of all the extra stuff that is being added to their game box. Included on the stretch goal tracker is a promo Objective chosen by backer survey during the campaign: the Necromancer's Crypt, which allows you to return a Character from the Graveyard as part of the reward for a successful heist.

Check the updates for details about specific stretch goals.

Items marked with a K emblem will be included in the Kickstarter version of the game, but will not be included by default in the retail version. All such items will be available for purchase separately as promo packs and expansions after the Kickstarter.

No Honor Among Thieves is a competitive/cooperative game for three to six players in which each player assembles a crew of thieves and sets out to see who can steal the most wealth from the rich and powerful of a fantasy city. Working alone is difficult, but working together leaves you open to treachery by your so-called allies--or gives you the chance to betray them, and take it all for yourself. An unspoken code of honor exists among the thieves of this city, but that won’t last past the first betrayal, and once that uneasy trust is gone the game becomes more dangerous as players tap into abilities that they couldn't use while the thieves' code of honor was still intact.

Assemble your crew.

Make your plans.

Take it all.

Players: 3-6

Time: 90-120 minutes

Recommended Age: 13+

We've put No Honor Among Thieves in the hands of critics worldwide. Their reviews, previews, critiques and general thoughts have been collected here.

Father Geek put No Honor Among Thieves in front of three different groups of gamers: the Child Geeks, the Parent Geeks, and the Gamer Geeks. All three groups greatly enjoyed the game, earning it the Father Geek Seal of Approval, which is only given to games that they have found to be fun, challenging, and playable by a diverse group of players.

Read the full review here.

Dave Merrel of Everything Board Games was surprised and suspicious to discover just how good his 13-year-old son was at No Honor Among Thieves. Read his full review here.

Jonathan H. Liu of GeekDad especially liked the heist-movie theme of the game, referring to Betrayal! as "the Ed Norton card." Check out his full review here.

Nick Meenachan of Board Game Brawl got his hands on a copy of the game, and goes over how to play and who he thinks might enjoy the game in a video preview that you can watch below.


The Undead Viking had flashbacks to playing an all-thieves game of Dungeons & Dragons back in the day, and had a fantastic time scheming with and against his friends. Watch his gameplay overview and thoughts on the game below.


Polyhedron Collider broke out the lockpicks, grappling hooks and dark masks to see how much they trust each other in No Honor Among Thieves. Read the full review by Steven Tudor here.

Steve and Andy of PC also talked about the No Honor Among Thieves on the Polyhedron Collider podcast, giving a more detailed overview of the games that they played and sharing stories of heists they attempted. Give it a listen below.


No Honor Among Thieves is one of forty-eight games that were accepted into the Tabletop Showcase at the Boston Festival of Indie Games, which was held in Cambridge on September 10. Games submitted to the showcase were judged by a team of forty internationally-known designers, bloggers, and other experts focused on finding the best independently developed games to have at the show. The above quotes are pulled from the anonymous feedback the judges sent after the game made it through the final round of playtesting.

For more information on the Festival, click here. Thanks to everyone who stopped by to play a demo of the game.

 If you want to read the rules to the game, you may find them below.


If you want to try the game for yourself on Tabletop Simulator, you can find that on the Steam Workshop here. This is a demo that was put together from prototype files by backer Alexander, and while it contains a lot of unfinished art assets it's also a good way of playtesting the game before you decide if you want to back the campaign.

If on the other hand you want to watch some cell phone footage of three guys playing a short demo game, watch the video below.

If you want to have the game explained to you by the designer, we have a video for that, too.




 A good crew is the heart of every successful heist. To succeed as a criminal mastermind in this city, you'll have to assemble a collection of rogues and thieves with the skills to overcome any challenge between you and the wealth you so richly deserve. And if your crew doesn't have a skill you need, maybe someone else does--and maybe they'd be willing to lend a hand, if the price was right.

The people with the gold know that you've got your greedy eyes on them, and are unfortunately disagreeable about the prospect of losing their treasures. Defense cards provide the illusion of safety, but you know that with the right crew and the right plan nothing is ever completely secure.

Of course, even with the best crew in the city, things don't always go according to plan. That's why you've got to have contingencies, and when those don't work you've got to be able to improvise. Use your hand of scheme cards to get that little extra edge, or to remind your fellow thieves that nothing in life is certain.

This is what it's about, at the end of the day. Honor is all well and good, but when the coins are counted it's the thief with the most clink in their pocket who'll walk away the victor. Along the way canny rogues can pick up unique treasure cards that provide powerful abilities and remove restrictions that other thieves have to abide by.

It's not always about the money, is it? Everyone's got their own hidden agendas worth more to them than gold, and if you play your cards right that extra motivation can be all it takes to carry a thief who can keep their secrets into the victor's throne. Hidden agendas make it even more difficult to trust your fellow thieves--you never know when the friendly face offering to help is secretly the Watch Informant, or if you're giving the Collector too much when you trade her that treasure card.

Here they are, the big fish themselves, the rich and powerful who think themselves safe behind their guarded walls and expensive locks. Every one secure in the belief that they're on top of the world, and every one a tempting target for an enterprising individual such as yourself.

Get a few people together and make a few plans. You're going to stage the heist of the century.

Now get out there and take it all.


Kickstarter promos are in italics.

  • 35 Character cards + 4 Legendary Thieves and 5 Animal Companions
  • 33 Defense cards
  • 97 Scheme cards
  • 18 Hidden Agendas + 3 Intrigue Pack Agendas
  • 12 Treasure Cards
  • 6 Reference cards
  • 13 Objectives + The Necromancer's Crypt
  • 1 Jail/Graveyard mat
  • 30 copper coins (Kickstarter promo: metal coins)
  • 20 silver coins (Kickstarter promo: metal coins)
  • 15 gold coins (Kickstarter promo: metal coins)
  • 2 dice
  • Rulebook
  • 20 Skill Tokens

If you’re a retailer or distributor, pledge at the $100 BROKER level to gain access to the pledge manager after the campaign. You can adjust your final order up until the moment I place the order for manufacturing and shipping to backers.



Add-ons can be added to your pledge simply by pledging more money. After the campaign, you'll be sent a pledge manager survey where you can select which pledge options you meant your money to be going towards. Note that no add-on is necessary to play the game, and none of them should be considered core game content that your game would be incomplete without. They're just extra things you can pledge for if you want to support the campaign a little more.

The Guilder basic pledge can also be added to another pledge via this method.




While preparing for this project, I've gotten quotes from various manufacturers, freight companies, fulfillment companies, artists and graphic designers. These are the numbers that I came up with for what's needed to finish the project.

The cost of manufacturing, freight and shipping may go over that depending on how well the campaign does. This is how much it costs to do a minimum print run from my manufacturer, with no stretch goals improving the components beyond the solid baseline that I've established.

You might notice that the numbers in the chart actually add up to quite a bit more than $28,000, which is what I'm asking Kickstarter for. That's because I've saved up some of my own money that I'm planning on putting into the project. Obviously I don't have enough to publish it all on my own, otherwise I wouldn't be here, but I am trying to keep the funding goal as low as possible by contributing as much as I can myself.

My name is Adam Watts, and I am a game designer with the usual game designer story of making games since I was a kid and finally feeling ready to publish one. I have a degree in Game Design & Development from Rochester Institute of Technology, and over a decade of amateur experience making and modifying games as a hobby. I've been working on No Honor Among Thieves for two years now, and after finishing this project I hope to continue publishing games under the name Carpe Omnis Games.

No Honor Among Thieves was inspired by my deep and abiding love of fantasy literature, heist stories and many nights spent around tables playing board games. The game is specifically inspired by the subgenre of gritty, low-fantasy crime stories that I especially enjoy, like The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch (which I was reading when I originally came up with the idea for the game) and Danial Polansky's Low Town series.

Your humble servant.
Your humble servant.
Follow the progress of the campaign on Kicktraq.
Follow the progress of the campaign on Kicktraq.

Check out the game on Board Game Geek
Check out the game on Board Game Geek